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Nicole Young's Unaired Apology to Chrishell Stause Ignites Curiosity

Selling Sunset's Nicole Young apologizes to Chrishell Stause, but it was not shown in the final edit of the reunion. She claims the whole cast witnessed the apology.
During the reunion, Chrishell expresses that she has no issues with Nicole and admits to hating her. The tension between them remains unresolved.
Chrishell accuses Nicole of picking a fight for attention, but Nicole denies targeting her for screen time. Their disagreement continues as attention shifts to Chrishell's issues with other cast members.
Nicole reveals her strained relationships with Emma Hernan and explains that Emma prioritized her friendship with Chrishell over their own. Nicole expresses her hurt and frustration.
Nicole claims to have given Emma a heartfelt apology, but it was not shown on the show. Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix and renewed for season eight.
Catch all the drama and behind-the-scenes moments of Selling Sunset, including unresolved tensions and unshown apologies.