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"Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Donna Kelce Reveals Exciting 2023 Family Plans!"

Donna Kelce will be celebrating Thanksgiving without turkey. She prefers to bake cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cookies for the holiday menu.
Donna and her ex-husband, Ed Kelce, are parents to NFL stars Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce. They spend holidays solving puzzles and playing board games.
The holidays can be a rough time, especially when your kids are in sports. Donna and her family used to travel a lot during the holidays, visiting relatives and spending time in Florida.
Donna is thankful for the people who helped Jason and Travis achieve their athletic dreams and stay down-to-earth.
Donna is excited about her new partnership with Ancestry®. She can upload photos, recipes, and audio stories, preserving her family's traditions for future generations.
Ancestry® helped Donna discover things about her genealogical history. She values the ability to track down her past through DNA and records.