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Palace's Extreme Measures to Suppress Prince William Affair Rumors, Claims Omid Scobie's Book

Omid Scobie’s new book claims the Palace tried to quash rumors of Prince William having an affair with Rose Hanbury.
The book alleges that Kensington Palace made efforts to bury the story and offered other royal-related stories to a tabloid in exchange for standing down on the rumors.
Prince William, Kate, and Rose Hanbury never addressed the rumors, and the public discourse strained their friendship over the years.
Omid Scobie was careful in broaching the topic, emphasizing that he saw no proof to the rumors and considered it as mere tittle-tattle.
The book emphasizes that William and Kate’s marriage remains solid, and William is proud of his wife’s accomplishments.
Despite ups and downs in their marriage, William and Kate prioritize being a unit as they handle new responsibilities since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.