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Pedro Pascal's Golden Globes Outfit Conceals Secret Message About Arm Injury

Actor Pedro Pascal revealed a hidden message in his Golden Globes look, spelling out 'OUCH' on his nails, seemingly alluding to his arm injury.
Pedro Pascal walked down the red carpet at the Golden Globes with a black sling on his right arm, revealing that he had fallen and injured himself.
Despite his injury, Pascal showed off his personality at the ceremony and interacted with fellow stars.
Kieran Culkin won the Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama category, giving a shout-out to Pascal during his acceptance speech.
The Last of Us, starring Pedro Pascal, was up for three awards at the Golden Globes but lost all three.
Pedro Pascal's onscreen counterpart, Bella Ramsey, also lost an award at the Golden Globes, as did the show itself.