"PioneerWomanReeDrummond'sSteamySkinnyDippingRitual:3-4NightsEveryWeek!""PioneerWomanReeDrummond'sSteamySkinnyDippingRitual:3-4NightsEveryWeek!"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's Steamy Skinny Dipping Ritual: 3-4 Nights Every Week!"

Ree Drummond and her husband enjoy their hot tub without bathing suits, finding bliss in the 103-degree water at night.
Ree Drummond shares that their time in the hot tub is spent talking, laughing at their dogs, and enjoying the hot water under the smog-free sky.
Ree Drummond jokes about their hot tub adventures and shares that they have a rule about not allowing their dogs in bed with them.
Ree Drummond reveals that Ladd doesn't like the feeling of dog hair and jokes about finding crumbs from 2004 in their bed.
Ree Drummond shares her 55-lb weight loss journey, detailing her before and after photo.