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Rachel Bilson's New Book Reveals How Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Saved Her From a Fan Mob on a Date with Adam Brody

Rachel Bilson shares how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rescued her from a mob of fans while on a date with Adam Brody.
Bilson recalls the overwhelming experience and the Olsen twins' swift action to protect her and Brody from the fans' frenzy.
The incident is detailed in Bilson's new book, where she expresses gratitude towards the Olsens for their support and friendship.
Bilson's book delves into her personal and professional life, providing insights into her journey in the entertainment industry.
The actress reflects on her experiences, including her relationship with Brody and her time on 'The O.C.' set.
Bilson also discusses the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned throughout her career in Hollywood.
The article highlights Bilson's admiration for the Olsens and her appreciation for their unwavering friendship and support.
Overall, the story depicts a heartwarming bond between Bilson, the Olsens, and Brody, showcasing the strength of their friendship.