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Rachel Lee

Everything to Know About the Bling Ring ‘Mastermind’ & Her Revealing Doc

Rachel Lee is telling her side of the story about Hollywood's infamous Bling Ring in the new documentary, 'The Ringleader: The Case of the Bling Ring.'
Unlike other members of the notorious group, Rachel has never spoken publicly about her involvement.
“I don’t resonate with that Hollywood version at all, but I could see how it was quite entertaining for the world to see the story that way. It was more of a storm for me,” she says in the documentary.
“I don’t want this to seem like I’m blaming because it’s important to me to take the accountability, but if we’re going to be specific it was when Nick had found that website CelebrityAddressAerial.com,” Rachel says about the moment she and Nick’s crimes started to evolve.
“When it was over, I felt so high and clear-headed. It really wakes you up… I really liked that feeling a lot,” Rachel admits. Others got involved in their crime spree, including Alexis Neiers. Rachel was arrested on October 22, 2009, while in Las Vegas.
Yes, Rachel went to prison for her Bling Ring crimes. She served 16 months before getting out early on parole. The cops raided her house and found a ripped-up naked photo of Paris in her bathroom trash can.
“That rebellious side of me disappeared,” she says.
“I became very submissive, and I was just doing exactly what I was told. Keep quiet. But that also meant I couldn’t defend myself.”
“He just said to me, ‘It might take me a long time to forgive you.’ And was like, ‘Okay.’ But he still came and visited me, and he still treated me like his daughter,” Rachel reveals.
“When I look back to when Nick and I were actually friends, our relationship was just crumbling from the first day that we met,” she explains.
“To me, he’s dangerous. This is very extreme what I’m going to say, but it is my truth. And to be honest, I feel like I was one of his victims. I feel like I was the perfect person that he could dig his claws into…”
“For a lot of people that were involved in the Bling Ring, it was kind of like a one-time thing for them, you know? I think for me and Nick it was very repetitive,” Rachel admits.
“So I feel like if anybody was the ringleader, it was me and him because I feel like we did it just as much. He and I were both equally as aggressive and equally as passive.”
” I just remember when I was watching that moment knew that it was a message for me from him, but I’ll never allow him in my life again, no matter what,” she says.
“I truly feel prison was a blessing in disguise — the best thing that ever happened to me,” she said.
“It made me realize you can only trust yourself at the end of the day.”