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Reality TV Star Jesse Montana Diagnosed with Brain Tumor, Reveals Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix shares that Jesse Montana has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and asks for support.
Scheana Shay and Brittany Cartwright show support for Jesse by sharing the fundraiser. Jesse's medical team prepares to remove his brain tumor.
The GoFundMe page highlights the financial burden Jesse will face due to American healthcare limitations. It emphasizes Jesse's selflessness and the need for support.
A fundraiser for Jesse's medical expenses quickly surpasses $15,000 within four hours of launching, with a goal set at $100,000. Jesse's role in Vanderpump Rules is highlighted.
Jesse expresses support for Jax and Brittany, emphasizing the importance of their happiness. Jax and Brittany go on to get married and have a son, Cruz.