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Cast, Premiere Date, and More!"

"Reindeer Games Unveiled
Nine 'Big Brother' legends will be competing for $100,000 on the show's new holiday-themed spinoff.
Big Brother is celebrating the holiday season with a new spinoff series featuring some of the most memorable contestants to ever appear on the show.
Big Brother Reindeer Games will air over the next two weeks with nine former contestants competing to win the $100,000 grand prize.
Big Brother Reindeer Games kicks off with a two-hour premiere at 8 pm ET on December 11.
Instead of Julie Chen Moonves, three Big Brother alums have been tapped to host the spinoff. They will serve as “Santa’s Elves” on the show. The three hosts are listed below.
There are nine former Big Brother contestants on the Reindeer Games cast. They will not vote each other out, but rather compete in a series of new competitions.
The official synopsis for the show reads, “This ultimate holiday showdown brings together legendary former players, including previous winners and America’s Favorite Players.