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"Reviving 'Glee'

Creators Dish on the Epic Reboot!"

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are open to the idea of a 'Glee' reboot, considering the right circumstances.
The creators expressed interest in the possibility of rebooting the widely-popular musical comedy series 'Glee'.
There is a strong possibility that 'Glee' will be revisited in some capacity, given the trend of rebooting shows.
Brad Falchuk mentioned in an interview that he is not opposed to doing a 'Glee' reboot, contemplating a more modern approach to the story.
Ryan Murphy also expressed interest in revisiting 'Glee' and paying tribute to the original concept of the show.
Some of the 'Glee' cast members have shown interest in a reboot, while others have expressed hesitance or disinterest.