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Ozempic Use Led to 'Impacted Bowel'"

"RHONJ Star's Shocking Hospitalization
Jennifer Fessler revealed her hospitalization after taking semaglutide for a year due to an 'impacted bowel'.
Jennifer shared her experience with semaglutide on her podcast, 'Two Jersey Js', and discussed it with her co-host, Jackie Goldschneider.
Despite Jackie's opposition to using Ozempic for weight loss, Jennifer recounted her negative experience with semaglutide that led to hospitalization.
Jennifer admitted to issues with constipation and unhealthy eating habits, which are side effects of Ozempic.
After addressing the issue, Jennifer adopted healthier habits and became more proactive about her health.
Jennifer also mentioned her weight loss of approximately 22 pounds after taking semaglutide for over a year.
Ozempic, a drug for type 2 diabetes, has gained popularity for weight loss, leading to hospitalizations and uncertainties about its long-term effects.