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RHONY Star Jessel Taank Opens Up About Fertility Struggle on 'Chanel in the City'

Jessel Taank credits Chrissy Teigen for inspiring her to share her fertility struggles. Teigen and John Legend faced challenges with parenthood, including IVF and the loss of a baby.
Teigen turned to IVF for baby No. 2 and suffered the loss of son Jack at 20 weeks. She resumed IVF treatments and gave birth to daughter Esti, followed by son Wren via surrogate.
Jessel Taank welcomed twin boys after a long IVF journey but admitted to a dry spell in her sex life with her husband post-birth.
Taank hopes to normalize conversations about fertility and sex, stating that there should be no stigma attached. She addresses rumors about her marriage and the open transparent conversations happening.
Taank views the experience as eye-opening and believes it has brought her and her husband closer. She also mentions that the journey has been like therapy, with everyone making comments about her marriage.
Listen to Jessel Taank’s full “Chanel in the City” episode for more insights on her journey and experiences.