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From Shade to Business Success and Regrettable Taglines (Exclusive)

RHOP's Karen Huger
Karen Huger, from The Real Housewives of Potomac, has turned drama into dollars by embracing insults and turning them into business opportunities.
She used a wardrobe malfunction as inspiration to launch her own wig line with RPGSHOW, turning a sour moment into a successful venture.
Embracing the title 'Grand Dame' and turning it into a business, Karen has shown fortitude and commitment in the face of insults.
In Season 8 of RHOP, Karen's ongoing feud with Robyn Dixon over her husband's alleged infidelity has shaken up the Housewives universe.
Despite the ups and downs, Karen maintains an unshakable bond with her costars that she wouldn’t change for the world.
Karen believes in the strength and dynamic nature of her fellow Housewives, emphasizing their relatability and power to viewers.