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Her Hands are Tied (Exclusive)

Rihanna Supports ASAP Rocky Amid Trial
Rihanna is supporting ASAP Rocky before his trial. She is focused on remaining calm and being there for him and their family.
ASAP Rocky was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department after an altercation in November 2021. He was later named in a civil suit for assault, battery, and emotional distress.
Rocky's attorneys denied the accusations on his behalf. A statement from the defense denied the allegations and claimed damages were caused by others.
Before the trial, Rocky and Rihanna spent the winter holidays with their sons, RZA and Riot Rose, in Aspen.
Rocky and Rihanna celebrated the holidays with their boys and loved ones, including friends and family. They have been dating since 2020 and have two sons together.
Rihanna shared that her kids are growing fast and are amazing, but they are growing faster than expected. She expressed frustration about ordering clothes that end up not fitting her kids.