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1st Child Inspires EP Release!

Ryan Cabrera
Ryan Cabrera is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first child and has a special song ready for her.
His wife, Lexi Cabrera, gave birth to their baby, Hendrix Rogue, earlier than expected, and Ryan is excited to sing his song to her.
Fatherhood has led Cabrera to make adjustments in his life as a musician, and he feels a greater sense of purpose.
Prescription Of You
Cabrera remains true to his artistic self, not letting fatherhood drastically change his music style.
He has signed to Manic Kat Records and released a new pop-driven single, 'Prescription of You,' showcasing a different vocal style.
Cabrera is working on an EP with diverse songs and is excited about the freedom of streaming. He plans to release five songs at a time and views the EP as a concept release.
He enjoys collaborating with his wife and looks forward to making fun videos together in the future.