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Rylee Arnold Reveals Why Harry Jowsey Joined Her for Thanksgiving Amid 'Wild' Dating Speculations

Rylee Arnold explained why Harry Jowsey spent Thanksgiving with her family, saying he didn't have plans and she wanted him to experience a big Thanksgiving.
Rylee Arnold, 18, and Harry Jowsey, 26, have denied dating rumors but raised eyebrows when he joined her family's Thanksgiving celebration.
Rylee shared pictures of her and Jowsey with her older sisters and their families, sparking attention for a photo of them on the beach.
Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey became the most-talked-about couple during their first year on DWTS, with dating rumors escalating after a viral video.
Harry Jowsey expressed his frustration with dating rumors, emphasizing the focus should be on their dancing performances on DWTS.
Rylee Arnold hopes to stay friends with Harry Jowsey after being eliminated from DWTS, emphasizing the strong bond they formed during the show.