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Who Gets Engaged? Latest Couple Updates

Season 9 Finale of 'Bachelor in Paradise'
'Bachelor in Paradise' season 9 ended with two engagements. Find out the couples who got engaged and who are still together after leaving the beach.
The BiP engagement trend continues! Two Bachelor in Paradise season 9 couples walk away engaged: Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei as well as John Henry Spurlock and Kat Izzo.
Aaron and Eliza are the first couple to get engaged in the finale. During their final date before heading into the Fantasy Suite, Aaron puts his feelings out on the table. Eliza admits that the idea of getting engaged scares her because she only wants it to happen once.
John Henry and Kat are the second couple to get engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 finale. Kat opens up about how smitten she is with John Henry.
Kat arrives on the beach in a stunning brown dress. Kat tells John Henry that she is 'fully' in love with him.
Two couples decide to end things in Paradise. Sam Picco and Peter Cappio break up in the season 9 finale.
Olivia Lewis and Michael Barbour also break up. Olivia tells Michael that she envisions a life 'outside' of Paradise with him, but he doesn’t feel the same.