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Selena Gomez Spills Relationship Tea and Addresses Benny Blanco Rumors

Selena Gomez confirms her new romance with music producer Benny Blanco on December 7 via Instagram comments.
Selena Gomez, 31, confirmed her relationship with record producer Benny Blanco, 35, in a PopFactions Instagram post.

Selena defends Benny from haters and expresses her admiration for him in comments section.
Selena's mother follows Benny on Instagram, and Selena compliments Benny in the comments, calling him the 'best thing that’s ever happened' to her.
Viral selfie of Selena and Benny cuddling together shared on Instagram Story. Selena previously dated Justin Bieber, 29, and has been linked to other musicians.
Selena confirms her next album will be coming soon and reveals it will be released in 2 months. She also released her latest song 'Single Soon' on August 25.