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Shay Mitchell

Ditching the Holiday Workout? Here's Why

Shay Mitchell talks about her outlook on motherhood and working out, revealing why she's not stressing about the holidays.
Shay Mitchell, mom-of-two, emphasizes the importance of perspective and convenience during the holiday season.
Shay Mitchell shares her awareness of the energy she brings in after having kids, focusing on gratitude and being present with family and friends.
Shay Mitchell aims to create happy memories for her young kids during the holiday season through being present and enjoying time with loved ones.

It’s December. The holiday rush is official. But I’m stress free, and just over here getting everything I need from @doordash and the 12 Days of #DeckTheDoorstep Deals running through December 12 #DoorDashPartner #ad
Shay Mitchell advocates for enjoying workouts in moderation, walking it off after eating, and spending time with family and friends during the holidays.
Shay Mitchell teams up with DoorDash for their annual Deck to Doorstep holiday savings event, emphasizing the importance of being ahead of holiday shopping and enjoying the sales.