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Who's the Better Athlete - Me or My Husband?

Simone Biles
Simone Biles, the most decorated gymnast in history, revealed that she and her husband, pro football star Jonathan Owens, argue about their sports prowess.
Biles mentioned that they have tried to pin each other against one another on difficulty and ability. Owens, now playing for the Green Bay Packers, thinks he is the better athlete.
Thompson seemingly endorsed Biles as the superior athlete, prompting Hart to comment on the household fight. Biles revealed that they vowed not to talk about it again after getting married.
After hearing Biles talk about her workout superiority, Thompson and Hart remarked on the ongoing dispute between Biles and Owens.
Biles' remarks came two days after Owens sparked online controversy for calling himself the 'catch' in their relationship during an interview. Many of Biles' fans were outraged by his comments.
Following the backlash, Owens praised his wife after she was named the Associated Press’ Female Athlete of the Year.