"SouthernHospitality'sMiaAlarioCallsOutBossLevaBonaparteasHypocriteOverDrinkingRule(Exclusive)""SouthernHospitality'sMiaAlarioCallsOutBossLevaBonaparteasHypocriteOverDrinkingRule(Exclusive)"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Southern Hospitality's Mia Alario Calls Out Boss Leva Bonaparte as Hypocrite Over Drinking Rule (Exclusive)"

Mia Alario confronts boss Leva Bonaparte over new drinking rules on Southern Hospitality season 2 premiere.
Leva, co-owner of Republic Garden & Bar, is surprised by Mia's tone and defends her strict rule on drinking at work.
Mia expresses her confusion and attempts to sway Leva by mentioning other employees who have also drunk at work.
Maddi, a VIP manager, shares concerns about Leva's strict enforcement of the 'no drinking' rule, causing worries about job security among the staff.
Maddi believes Leva cares about the business and wants it to succeed, but acknowledges the tension between the boss's strict policies and the staff's desire for autonomy.