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Stephen Colbert Takes a Break from 'Late Show' After Appendix Surgery

Stephen Colbert underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix, leading to the cancellation of five episodes of The Late Show.
Colbert expressed gratitude to his doctors and family, including his wife Evelyn and their three children, for their support during his recovery.
Recovery from a ruptured appendix can take up to two weeks, as it spreads infection throughout the abdomen and requires immediate surgery.
Colbert and other late-night TV hosts recently returned to television in October after a Writers Guild of America strike, but he had to shut down production for one week due to COVID-19.
Colbert's use of Paxlovid and onions in his socks to rebuild his immune system was part of a bit from the 'Strike Force Five' podcast, where he hosted alongside Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers, and Oliver.
Stephen Colbert reacted to a book by Prince Harry, showcasing his continued involvement in current events and pop culture.