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"Surprising Engagement Shakes 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 9 Finale"

Aaron Bryant and Eliza Isichei got engaged during the season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise. Aaron professed his love for Eliza and proposed to her, expressing his gratitude for her presence in his life.
The couple had connected during their appearances on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor. They faced challenges when Aaron's ex-girlfriend messaged Eliza and her friends, but Charity Lawson believed they could work through it.
Charity assured Eliza that the claims from Aaron's ex were not consistent with what she saw while dating him, and she believed he had good intentions.
Charity also believed that the couple could make it through the challenges, but it would require difficult conversations. Aaron denied the untrue claims made by his ex, and Eliza decided to take their relationship slow.
Eliza faced drama during season 8 of Paradise when she was caught in a love triangle with Rodney Mathews and Justin Glaze. She received backlash for changing her rose decision, and her pursuit of Justin ended in rejection.
Eliza explained her decisions to break up with Rodney and end things with Justin. She expressed that she felt it was the right choice and hoped for cordiality in the future.