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"Surprising Valentine's Day Message from Ex-Husband Kody to Sister Wives' Christine Brown"

Christine Brown, from TLC's Sister Wives, revealed the Valentine's Day text message she received from her ex-husband Kody Brown after she went public with her new husband, David Woolley.
She mentioned that Kody wished her and David a Happy Valentine's Day and expressed his happiness for them finding each other.
Christine confirmed her relationship with David in the same month and later announced their engagement and marriage.
Although Kody and his other wife did not attend Christine's wedding, it seems they have formed an amicable friendship.
During the 18th season of Sister Wives, fans witnessed Christine's departure from the plural family and her split from Kody, which was later unpacked in the late 2022 season.
As Christine and Kody navigated their split, she claimed that Robyn was Kody's favorite wife, which Robyn denied, and Kody confirmed during the Sister Wives: One on One tell-all.
Kody emphasized that it's about finding favor rather than having a favorite, and accused Janelle and Meri of being rude toward Robyn.
Despite the separations, Christine believes that things between her, Kody, and David will be okay, emphasizing their maturity and responsibility.
She mentioned that Kody and David have met each other in person a couple of times, and it worked out to be all right.