TabriaMajorsCallsOutEmilyRatajkowskiforMockingPlusSizesWhilePromoting'BodyPositivity'BookTabriaMajorsCallsOutEmilyRatajkowskiforMockingPlusSizesWhilePromoting'BodyPositivity'BookGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Tabria Majors Calls Out Emily Ratajkowski for Mocking Plus Sizes While Promoting 'Body Positivity' Book

Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo holding a large pair of jeans, sparking backlash from model Tabria Majors.
Tabria Majors criticized Emily for promoting 'body positivity' while seemingly mocking plus sizes in her modeling.

Imma just start wearing a single pair of jeans on both legs, stitch together multiple small skirts to fit my extra large waist, tie a pair of small sweats around my chest so y’all know how it feels to not be able to find anything to wear. There are so many more important issues going on rn, but this really triggered me. How did no one flag this @m_magazine ? @emrata how did you write a book about body positivity and think this was ok? I’ve been modeling for nearly 10 years now and the erasure of models my size or bigger has been crazy to witness in real time. We started with plus models, then they changed it to curve to sound “nice”, now we have “mid-size” models getting the jobs plus models once had. This shows they can make bigger sizes, they can sell bigger sizes, but God forbid you model it on a bigger size. I know Ozempic has the industry in a chokehold rn but this is giving Jenny Craig, it’s giving Jared from Subway, it’s giving Weight Watchers…what was the concept?? Postpartum has me all over the place nowadays but I just had to get this off my chest. 📷 @bonnienichoalds
Tabria highlighted the lack of representation for plus-size models in the fashion industry, expressing her frustration in an Instagram post.
Tabria emphasized the insensitivity of clothing brands not using different-sized models to showcase larger sizes.
Tabria showcased the challenges of finding clothes that fit in larger sizes by wearing multiple garments in a creative demonstration.
Tabria expressed frustration with the lack of attention given to important issues while addressing the impact of her experience.