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Tan France Raves About Jenna Lyons' Denim Style and Reveals Holiday Dos and Don'ts (Exclusive)

Tan France, fashion expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, takes Christmas fashion inspiration from Jenna Lyons, the former executive creative director and president of J.Crew.
Jenna Lyons advises wearing the color red for the holiday season, emphasizing its brightening effect in photographs.
Tan France, who recently welcomed his second child, shares his joy of expanding his family and the strengthened bond with his husband.
France prefers a fake pre-lit Christmas tree and personalized ornaments, but avoids tinsel and inflatable lawn decorations.
Tan France loves Christmas sweaters and advises to go for a chic version, rather than the 'ugly' Christmas sweater.
Tan France doesn't bother with tinsel for Christmas decorations, finding it too much hard work, but enjoys receiving personalized ornaments from loved ones.