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Taylor Swift & Chiefs WAGs Surprise Patrons with Epic Girls Night Out at Restaurant

Taylor Swift visited a restaurant in Leawood, Kansas with Brittany Mahomes and other romantic partners of the Kansas City Chiefs on December 30.
Megan Garrelts, a co-owner of the local restaurant, Rye, revealed details about Taylor Swift's visit to the restaurant on December 30.
Taylor reportedly visited the local eatery alongside her new bestie, Brittany Mahomes, and other WAGs of the Kansas City Chiefs team.
Taylor's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is a frequent patron of several of Rye’s locations and is known for being super nice.
Travis Kelce has become a bit more private when dining at the local spot, as he now sits in the private room.
The proud business co-owner gushed that Taylor was very nice and shook hands with her before going into the private dining area.
Taylor picked up the group’s tab and even ordered one of Travis’ favorite cinnamon rolls.