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"Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Surprising Romance Sparks Laughter in ESPN and Hallmark Promo"

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story is what movies are made of.
Hallmark screenwriter Julie Sherman Wolfe took to social media on Sunday, December 24, to give a holiday-themed recap of the 2023 NFL season in partnership with ESPN.
Swift and Kelce’s relationship has been the Hallmark-esque love story of the NFL over the past few months.
Kelce, for his part, has been candid about his relationship with Swift, often gushing over his admiration for the singer.
While neither minds their love being in the spotlight, Swift told TIME that the couple actually first began dating in the summer.
Swift clarified that she’s never really aware of how many times she’s shown on screen at Kelce’s games — and she isn’t concerned if people take issue with her attendance.