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Taylor Swift Finds Freedom in Romance With Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift has been dating NFL player Travis Kelce for a few months and has shown up to support him at many football games.
Taylor Swift, 33, feels 'more free' in her relationship with Travis Kelce, 34, than in past relationships, according to OK Magazine.
'With Taylor’s ex Joe, she was so private. They’d never go outside and walk around together,' a source told the outlet.
Travis Kelce is handling the extra attention well and is used to fans going crazy in football.
Travis has been open about how he and Taylor met and how things have been going between them, in interviews and on his podcast, New Heights.
'As all the attention comes, it feels like, you know – I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl and right now even more on top of the world,' he said at the start of October.