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Tayshia Adams Shrugs Off Ex Zac Clark and Kaitlyn Bristowe Rumors

Tayshia Adams shares a subtle yet iconic response to the rumors about her ex Zac Clark and Kaitlyn Bristowe, as fans speculate about the status of their relationships.
Adams, born and raised in Orange County, California, posted a glimpse of herself spending time there, with fans quick to assume the caption was in reference to Bristowe recently shutting down claims of cheating on ex-fiancé Jason Tartick with Clark.
Footage of Bristowe and Clark celebrating the new year together surfaced, leading to questions about the status of their relationship. Bristowe denied being unfaithful to Tartick and addressed the hate and shaming she received on social media.
Responding to the hate, Bristowe expressed her sadness at the hurtful comments and denied any cheating rumors. Meanwhile, Tartick called out Bristowe's 'victim mentality' on her podcast, and Clark stayed out of the conversation.
Adams spoke about her split from Clark, emphasizing that they both know the truth and have chosen to keep their relationship out of the media. She expressed a desire to keep her next romance private and has since moved on with Luke Gulbranson.
Bristowe stressed that there was no cheating and criticized the false narrative accusations, while Tartick expressed his disappointment. Clark and Adams got engaged on The Bachelorette but split in 2021, and Adams has chosen to keep her next romance private.
Adams plans to keep her next romance out of the spotlight and has moved on with Luke Gulbranson, emphasizing the importance of privacy in her future relationships.