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The Emma Chamberlain and Boyfriend Role Model Split: What Went Wrong?

The YouTuber and rapper broke up after three years of dating back in October.
Emma Chamberlain and Role Model—whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury—called it quits in October.
The YouTuber, 22, recently opened up about what it’s like being single in a new interview at GQ’s “Men of the Year” event on November 16, 2023.
Emma and Role Model first started dating in 2020.
The pair revealed that they ate pizza and played Fortnite on their first date, but didn’t kiss.
The pair were very private about their relationship, and they “hard launched” in that profile.
The pair were very private about their romance, but they did gush about one another quite a lot in the interview.
Emma also starred in the singer’s music video for “neverletyougo,” which he revealed was inspired by her.
It was reported that Emma and Tucker had broken up by E! News.
Emma did tell the outlet about how being single has been in an interview in November 2023.