"TheGoldenBachelor"Runner-UpExposesGerryTurner'sShockingBetrayal"TheGoldenBachelor"Runner-UpExposesGerryTurner'sShockingBetrayalGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

"The Golden Bachelor" Runner-Up Exposes Gerry Turner's Shocking Betrayal

Gerry Turner and Leslie Fhima reunite in emotional After the Final Rose segment.
Leslie expresses her love for Gerry and confronts him about their breakup.
Gerry apologizes to Leslie and explains his struggle in choosing his partner.
Host Jesse Palmer teases emotional reunion and shares Gerry's emotional state.
Palmer reassures Gerry about finding love and discusses the intensity of the situation.
Gerry's struggle with loving multiple women and his realization about true love.