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Unveiling the Full Conversation Transcript and Debunking Lies"

"The Taylor Swift and Kanye West Controversy
The debate over the recording artists' conversation continues despite the release of the transcript by multiple outlets in 2020.
The phone call between Taylor Swift and Kanye West in 2016 about the lyric 'I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex' remains a controversial topic in pop culture.
The full transcript of the call was unveiled in 2020, revealing Ye's request for Taylor to help him promote 'Famous' and the controversial line in the track.
Taylor expressed her concerns about the lyrics and the need to think about it, while Ye discussed sending her the finalized version of the single to talk through it.
After Taylor denied knowing about the controversial line, Kim accused her of being a 'snake' and a liar, leading to a public dispute over the approval of the lyrics in 'Famous.'
In 2020, Kim refuted Taylor's claims of editing the conversation and accused her of lying, stating that the leaked full video didn't change the narrative.