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The Ultimate Ranking of Lacey Chabert's Hallmark Movies and Franchises

Lacey Chabert has become one of Hallmark’s biggest stars after making her network debut in 2010 — and she has no plans to stop anytime soon.
“These movies mean so much to me. I really am genuine when I say that,” Chabert exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2021. “They’re not just jobs, and I feel a responsibility to the audience to make the absolute best movie I can.”
Chabert — who has starred in more than 10 Christmas-themed movies for Hallmark since 2012’s Matchmaker Santa — noted that she tries to “raise the bar” on each project to keep fans coming back for more.
[When] someone lets you into their living room for two hours, it’s kind of an honor,” she explained to Us. “I want to leave people with a good feeling.
Chabert’s Hallmark legacy doesn’t end with holiday features. She has helmed multiple Hallmark Movies & Mysteries franchises and year-round rom-coms in her tenure.
Scroll down to see for a complete guide — and unofficial ranking — of all of the Hallmark star’s TV movies: