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Tim Burton Spills Truth on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Sequel

Tim Burton’s hit Halloween-holiday classic celebrated its 30th anniversary, and the filmmaker explained why the movie is ‘very important’ to him.
Fans have been pining for a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel, and after the film celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, viewers are asking whether they could eventually see a Nightmare Before Christmas 2 hit the big screen.
Tim Burton — the creator of the original 1993 film — clarified that he currently has no plans to continue Jack Skellington’s story during a 2023 interview with PEOPLE.
The Walt Disney Company released a sequel to the film in the form of a book, which is titled Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, in 2021.
During Henry’s PEOPLE interview, the Coraline director noted that since a sequel might not be possible, a prequel could “be more interesting” to create.
In early 2023, rumors surfaced online that Disney had greenlit a live-action Nightmare Before Christmas starring Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp.