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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's Powerful Advice to Teen Taylor Swift: 'You're the Leader'

Country star and wife fell in love with up-and-coming star Taylor Swift as she opened for them on tour.
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, veterans in the music industry, advised Taylor Swift to be open to listening but always be the leader in her career decisions.
The conversations with Taylor Swift took place when she opened for the iconic country star’s Soul2Soul tour over a decade and a half ago.
Tim McGraw was impressed with Taylor Swift's talent and moxie, and both he and his wife fell in love with her instantly as an artist and as a person.
Tim McGraw believes Taylor Swift can handle the frenzy surrounding her epic romance with NFL star Travis Kelce, as she knows when to promote her work and when to be normal.
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill knew years ago that Taylor Swift was destined for superstardom, recognizing her curiosity as a sign of great intelligence.