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Tina Knowles Stands Up for Beyonce Amidst Skin Lightening Accusations at ‘Renaissance’ Premiere

Tina Knowles defends daughter Beyoncé against accusations of lightening her skin for the Renaissance premiere, calling out racist comments and celebrating her fashion choices.
A video edit of Beyoncé accompanied Knowles' response, showing her in a silver dress and platinum blonde hair, addressing the theme of the film.
Knowles expressed disappointment in the ignorance of those making racist remarks, highlighting the double standards faced by Black celebrities and condemning jealousy and racism.
Tina Knowles acknowledged that Beyoncé may be upset about her speaking out but praised her as a generous, thoughtful, and great role model for the community.
Beyoncé's premiere in Beverly Hills attracted big names and friends, including Gabrielle Union, Chloe Bailey, Halle Bailey, Kris Jenner, and others.
Kim and Khloe Kardashian were also spotted at Beyoncé's B-Day show with Penelope.