"TishCyrus&DominicPurcell'sPassionateAnniversaryKiss:AHeartfeltCelebration""TishCyrus&DominicPurcell'sPassionateAnniversaryKiss:AHeartfeltCelebration"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Tish Cyrus & Dominic Purcell's Passionate Anniversary Kiss: A Heartfelt Celebration"

Tish Cyrus celebrated her first anniversary with husband Dominic Purcell, posting a romantic photo on Instagram.
She posted a loving photo of the two of them posing in front of a pool with a scenic ocean view, and the two of them kissing.
In the caption, Tish included the date and expressed her gratitude for the past year with Dominic.
Tish revealed that she started dating Dominic in November 2022, after going public on social media.
Shortly after going public, Dominic proposed to Tish, one year after her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus.
Dominic and Tish got married in a romantic ceremony in Malibu in August, and are very happy together.