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Tom Holland spills on why he adores girlfriend Zendaya: "It's a must-have!"

Tom Holland admires Zendaya's honesty and transparency, valuing her constructive criticism.
Tom Holland Q&A for 'The Crowded Room' | SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversation
He also respects Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch for their open and influential feedback on his acting performances.
Tom and Zendaya keep their romance private after photos of them kissing in 2021 were taken without their knowledge.
Tom declared his love for Zendaya during a video interview with Buzzfeed, emphasizing their happiness and love for each other.
Tom believes that making movies together with Zendaya has strengthened their bond, helping them portray characters falling in love.
Despite taking breaks from Instagram, Tom receives numerous memes from Zendaya, finding it intense to keep up with her messages.