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Tragic Loss

Comedy Central Comedian Neel Nanda, 32, Gone Too Soon

Stand-up comedian Neel Nanda has passed away at the age of 32. He was known for his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
and Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party. Nanda had a packed schedule of appearances lined up through January and February 2024. His cause of death has not been publicly shared.
Following Nanda’s passing, several of his comedy peers have paid tribute to his memory. Matt Rife and Dane Cook shared poignant tributes, emphasizing the importance of seeking help for mental health issues.
Nanda made his debut appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s eponymous late-night show in 2017, where he performed a five-minute version of his comedy routine.
Nanda considered his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as his proudest accomplishment in comedy. He later hosted the weekly show “Unnecessary Evil” at Los Angeles’ Westside Comedy Theater.