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Travis Kelce's Mom Donna Not Fazed by Taylor Swift's Absence at Kelce Brothers' NFL Matchup

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Kansas City Chiefs on November 20. The NFL star's mom shared her feelings about his girlfriend missing the game.
Donna Kelce expressed that she was there to see her sons and not disappointed about Taylor Swift's absence at the game.
Momma Kelce confirmed that her priority is her sons. She mentioned that Taylor's support is wonderful, but her focus is on her sons' games.
Donna Kelce understands the public's interest in Travis' relationship with Taylor Swift. She expressed happiness for her son amidst the romance rumors.
Taylor Swift was set to attend the game and have a family reunion with Travis' parents, but plans changed after a tragic incident at one of her concerts.
Taylor expressed her devastation over the loss of a fan at her concert and announced the postponement of her show. She will continue her tour in South America.