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Travis Kelce's Take on Taylor Swift's Powerful Fan Base

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, acknowledges Taylor Swift's dedicated fan base during a podcast interview after his trip to Argentina.
During an appearance on Rob Riggle's Riggle's Picks podcast, Kelce praises the passion and dedication of Taylor Swift's fans, known as the Swifties.
Kelce jokingly mentions the stack of letters he received from Swiftie nation, but mostly avoids discussing his romance with Taylor.
The hosts playfully tease Kelce about dating Taylor, but he only briefly mentions their relationship during the interview.
Kelce shares his surprise and excitement about Taylor changing the lyrics to one of her songs to reference him during her concert in Buenos Aires.
Reports suggest that Taylor's parents will meet Kelce's parents during the Chiefs' game against the Philadelphia Eagles, where Kelce will also face his brother, Jason Kelce.