"TuohyFamilyExposesMichaelOher's$15MExtortionPlotfor'TheBlindSide'Earnings""TuohyFamilyExposesMichaelOher's$15MExtortionPlotfor'TheBlindSide'Earnings"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Tuohy Family Exposes Michael Oher's $15M Extortion Plot for 'The Blind Side' Earnings"

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy’s drama with Michael Oher continues as they accuse him of extortion. Oher demanded $10 million from them or he would go public with their dispute over their earnings from The Blind Side.
The Tuohys argue that Oher 'should be denied' a temporary injunction as they are 'not engaged in commercial use of' Oher’s name. Last month, the Tuohys removed all mention of Oher from their website.
Oher claimed that he agreed to the conservatorship 'on the basis that doing so would make him a member of the Tuohy family' but further alleged that it actually 'provided him no familial relationship with the Tuohys.'