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Two and a Half Men Star Jon Cryer and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Lisa Joyner: A Love Story of Adoption and Philanthropy

Jon Cryer, known for his role on Two and a Half Men, married Lisa Joyner in 2007. They first met on the set of a TV show. Cryer was previously married to Sarah Trigger, with whom he has a son.
Lisa Joyner is an Emmy award-winning journalist and TV host. She is known for her work on TLC and HGTV. Joyner and Cryer have adopted a daughter and are advocates for adoption.
Jon Cryer's first marriage to Sarah Trigger ended in divorce in 2004. They share joint custody of their son. Cryer has been open about the challenges of co-parenting after divorce.
Lisa Joyner has a passion for philanthropy and has been involved with various charitable organizations. She uses her platform to raise awareness for important causes.
Jon Cryer and Lisa Joyner are known for their philanthropic work and have supported causes related to adoption, cancer research, and children's welfare. They are also involved in raising awareness for foster care.
Cryer and Joyner have been vocal about the joys and challenges of blended families. They often share their experiences to inspire and support other blended families.
Both Cryer and Joyner have successful careers in the entertainment industry. They balance their professional lives with their commitment to family and charitable endeavors.
The couple continues to be active in their advocacy for adoption and philanthropy. They remain a loving and supportive couple, dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.