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"Unprecedented Drama Unfolds in Jesse Palmer's New Season of 'The Bachelor'"

Host Jesse Palmer calls Joey Graziadei's season of 'The Bachelor' 'unprecedented' in the new trailer. Here's everything we know about the upcoming season.
The Bachelor season 28 premieres January 22, 2024. The season follows Bachelor In Paradise season 9 and The Golden Bachelor, both of which recently wrapped on ABC. The Golden Bachelor is the senior spinoff where Gerry Turner searched for love heartbreaking loss.
The new Bachelor for season 28 was announced during The Bachelorette season 20 finale. Many expected the next suitor to be one of Charity Lawson‘s final two men: Joey or Dotun Olubeko. Since Dotun got engaged to Charity, that left Joey as the obvious choice.
Xavier Bonner was another possibility before the announcement, but he was a controversial pick. Charity eliminated Xavier before they were supposed to go into the fantasy suite. After Xavier confessed that he’d cheated on his ex and admitted he had doubts about their relationship, Charity sent him home.
Aaron Bryant was also a possibility to become the new star of The Bachelor season 28. He was sent home during the hometown dates, but he showed up in Fiji to try and win her back ahead of the finale. However, he was cast on Bachelor in Paradise instead of as the new Bachelor.
There’s no shortage of drama in the trailer for Joey’s season of The Bachelor. “What I’m looking for is something so real that anyone can feel it, they can see it, and it gets me excited to think about it,” Joey says in the trailer, followed by clips of the women fighting over the hunky leading man.