RayJ'sManagerExposestheTruthbehindKimKardashian'sInfamousSexTapeinNewDocumentary"RayJ'sManagerExposestheTruthbehindKimKardashian'sInfamousSexTapeinNewDocumentary"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF
"Unveiling the Real Story

Ray J's Manager Exposes the Truth behind Kim Kardashian's Infamous Sex Tape in New Documentary"

The 'House of Kardashian' documentary explores the events leading up to the release of Ray J and Kim Kardashian's sex tape.
Executive producer David Weintraub discusses Ray J and Kim's relationship and the impact of the sex tape.
Ray J and Kim planned to release a sex tape to further their careers.
David believes Kris Jenner played a role in brokering the deal for the sex tape's release.
Rumors have circulated that Kris and Kim leaked the sex tape, but they deny the allegations.
The release of the sex tape propelled Kim to fame and led to the creation of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.