Balmain x Stranger things, nerdy or retro-hype ?

A special day

via Netflix

The 6th of November was announced a very special limited collaboration between Balmain and Netflix for the “Stranger Things Day” that, for the followers of the series, became a day in itself.

In 1983, it was on this date that Will, the hero of the series, disappeared in the Upside Down… Since then, fans have celebrated it every year.

80’s Fan

The ancient house of Balmain has usually been intently related to a distinctively Parisian craft work—whether or not it is Pierre Balmain’s fresh and female post-war “New French Style” or the bold, renewed French fashion of modern Balmain—however because 2016, Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing has been spending a lot of time in mid-eighties Hawkins, Indiana and Lenora, California.

Like such a lot of others, Rousteing is a enthusiastic follower of the Duffer Brothers’ blockbuster Netflix fantasy-horror collection Stranger Things.

” I was born in 1985, and the four seasons of Stranger Things take place in America from 1983-1986, so of course, none of this is close to what I experienced growing up in Bordeaux, France, many years later. But how could you not be in awe of all those incredible looks? I may not be a child of that moment, but those familiar with my Balmain runways already know that I’ve always been mesmerized by the singular pop spirit of that era—so, when Netflix reached out to me to design a special, limited-edition Balmain x Stranger Things collection, I was immediately on board!”

Rousteing on Balmain

Vintage Design

via Balmain

With this capsule collection from Balmain and Netflix, fans of the eighties look will be served.

On the board: pastel tones and acid colors in a pop and vintage spirit, colorful and geometric patches with slogans inspired by the quotes of the characters, oversized shirts and denim jeans… A real tribute to a period that marked a turning point in the history of fashion.

via Balmain

The collection consists of boldly patterned tops, tights and tailored 80s denim. A special edition of the house’s best-selling b-court sneaker has been adapted to reflect the unique ethos of the collaboration and a Balmain’s iPhone case transformed into a personalized mixtape, the kind you haven’t seen on the street since CDs replaced cassettes.

Does it make sense ?

Well, as we have seen those last years, most of luxury brands are trying to renew their image, following the last trends and associating with popular artists in order to connect the new generation by creating hype around the brand mostly seen like classic and old-fashioned.

So, associating with Netflix seems to be a really interesting choice to achieve this although critics will see it as yet another attempt to sell overpriced fan service with doesn’t seems to be that false either.

Whatever, it’s still Balmain which have a very niche customer base that can afford those type of products but the essence of the collection seems to follow the actual spirit of the young rich kids fashion vibes that represent the potential customer target.

Discover the men and women collection by yourself to make your own opinion

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