Met Gala 2023: What were the most amazing and hilarious looks?

The Met Gala (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Instutute) is always an event that draws attention from around the world, and the 2023 edition was no exception. This year’s theme was “In honor of Karl”  and the guests brought their A-game to the red carpet.

One of the most talked about looks of the night was worn by pop superstar Rihanna, who arrived in a stunning custom-made white dress designed by Valentino. Part of her look, especially the hoodie, were made up entirely of florals. Rihanna completed her look with a pair of fashionable glasses in colors that matched her outfit.

Image credit: ELLE

Another standout look was worn by actress and singer Cardi B, who arrived in a pink dress by womenswear brand, Miss Sohee before the Met Gala began. Later on the red carpet, she wore a replication of Lagerfeld’s look, consisting of a white armless top, black tie and a black floral Poofy princess dress designed by Channel, not to mention her silver-gray hair

Image credit: Harpersbazaar

But it wasn’t just the big fashion moments that made headlines at the Met Gala. Morbius actor, Jared Leto, arrived with a hilarious interpretation of the theme, as Lagerfeld is known to love cats. The actor literally wore a huge cat suit, we imagine he probably thought it was Halloween, but no, celebrities have no limits in choosing their looks for the Met Gala.

Image credit: Esquire

Singer, Lil Nas X also made a splash with his silver body paint, which included a high-heeled boot, a short and a face mask made entirely of sparkly silver.

Image credit: The New York Times

Other notable looks included Doja Cat, who wore a Choupette look by Lagerfeld, and a pearled outfit worn by TV celebrity, Kim Kardashian.

Image credit: Byrdie

Image credit: Cosmopolitan

As always, the Met Gala was an opportunity for celebrities to show their creativity and take risks with their fashion choices. While some of the looks were met with a mixed review, there’s no denying that the event remains one of the most exciting nights to remember Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy in the fashion industry. To learn more about celebrity looks, you can check out the evolution of Micheal B Jordan’s look over the years on the red carpet.