Live an immersive experience inside interactive artwork in Dubai.

Famous artworks are being turned into psychedelic 3D dreamscapes projected at 360 degrees onto the walls of an innovative contemporary art space in an opulent modern souk in Dubai.
For computer aficionados and art lovers alike, Souk Madinat Jumeirah’s Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) is a cultural hub.

ToDA offers tourists a multimodal, immersive environment to explore art.

Then, visitors can even witness NFTs in physical form exhibited in digital frames thanks to the collection of works by both historical masters and modern digital artists.
Its debut show in 2020 featured recognizable paintings by nine of history’s most renowned artists, including Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Cézanne, along with multimedia components like surround sound music.

ToDA’s managing director, Daria Prodaevich, claims that teaching the public about technologically advanced artistic practices is a key component of what the organization undertakes, particularly with regard to NFTs.

“What makes our exhibitions unique is that we have an amazing immersive space,”

“We create immersive experiences out of contemporary digital art, and we’re the only ones in the region doing that.”

says Prodaevich

A fully cognitive experience

ToDA’s first exhibition celebrated historic artworks in a high-tech way,
with animations and music to huge 360-degree projections of paintings by Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne.

Three formats are used at ToDA to display artwork: multimedia exhibitions, modern immersive installations, and virtual reality art. Modern audio-visual technology is used in the exhibitions to transform the artworks into a multimodal experience with music and animations.

With specific spaces in Dubai, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, the ToDa group hosts exhibitions all over the world. She claims that one of ToDA’s primary goals is to represent emerging digital artists like Serena Abou Daher, who is based in Dubai.

NFT and AI represented too


There is no distinction between art and technology for creatives like Daher. The “Metaverse Room” at ToDA featured a stunning 3D representation of Daher’s NFT “Ether.”
She describes it as an audiovisual work.

“I made the sound for it, too, along with the pictures.”
Digital art is expanding, says Daher to CNN.

She believes that in the future, more technology even artificial intelligence will be used by artists.

But the physical won’t be replaced by digital, right?

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