Oculus VR gaming is going to KILL YOU !

Oculus VR headset

Oculus founder is reportedly making a VR headset that “kills the player in real life”

Palmer Luckey wants to develop a helmet that will kill you if you lose in a video game. This fledgling project is inspired by the anime Sword Art Online. “If you die in the game, you die in real life.”

His brand of VR headset has been acquired by Facebook, but the Oculus Rift founder never gave up on his passion. And he repeated it by presenting his latest and creepiest project: a virtual reality headset that can kill players if they lose in a game.

“State-of-the-art graphics can make a game believable, but only the threat of real consequences can make it real for you and other players. This area of video game mechanics has never been explored, despite the long history of sports evolving around these issues,” he says in the post

Inspired from a manga

“Nerve gear” of SAO

Luckey writes that his concept for making this Quest Pro mod is inspired by the manga Sword Art Online. SAO is a famous light novel collection adapted in anime, which the story is about few people that get caught in a type of digital MMORPG.

The changed Quest Pro Luckey create is meant to imitate the NerveGear headsets utilized by gamers in Sword Art Online.

It also commemorates the in-universe day (November 6, 2022) whilst the gamers have been trapped inside the game.

“If their hit points dropped to zero, their brain would be bombarded by extraordinarily powerful microwaves, supposedly killing the user”

A gory death

His version of the headset attempts to recreate the same idea in a classic riff on: “if you die in the game, you die in real life”.

Instead of being hooked up on the nervous system, the headset is simply equipped with three explosives charges supposed to blow up your brain if you fail in a dungeon.

Seems equally effective, but with an arguably nasty effect…

Growing excitement

Besides being partial to the collection, Luckey credit Sword Art Online with popularizing VR concepts, and making the authentic Kickstarter Oculus Rift that began out all of it a massive hit in Japan.

“The recognition of SAO caused big fans enthusiasm for Oculus, particularly in Japan, which quick have become our 2d biggest market,” Luckey explains.

An “Office Artwork”

The deadly gadget is far from finished at the moment, as the former Oculus boss points out.

“The good news is that we’re halfway through making our own headset. The bad news is that I’ve only found the half that kills the user. We’re still years away from the perfect VR system that will make up the other half,”.

For the time being, the former CEO has never wanted to test his helmet himself for obvious reasons.

However, he says he has taken precautions, especially to avoid any untimely triggering.

Site of the Original Project: https://palmerluckey.com/

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